Monday, February 21, 2005

''GARBAGE DAY''get rid of it 2day n start anew EH.-X2

THEY NEED MORE FONTS ON BLOGGER,i like the 1 where its tryin 2 looklike writin. Mayb cause i got chickin scratchin 4 writin.''U Think'' I have 3 g-mail,3 Yahoo,2Msn n soon 2 b 3 Knet if i so choose they gave me 3 account names. Now my prob is ,id like 2 figure out a way 2 put all them in a drop down box 2 go to each 1 . At it stands i have 2 b on a 2 diff browser 2 get my g-mail n go 2 my yahoo mail 2 clik on link 2 another g-mail. So im gonna b the proud owner of 150 g-mail accounts to give away. Any takers out thar. I sent 2 each to 2 girls that i concider daughters. Im still patiently waitin 4 a''HOW THE HELL R YA E-MAIL'' A bloggin bud is goin 4 her licence,i gave her some advice that money can't buy. Check ur mirrors n adjust, adjust the seat,seatbelt,hands at 10 n 2 or is it 9 n 3. Then roll window down ,put elbow out window hold steerin wheel with fingers. Slap it in low n floor it while u got got 'BORN TO BE WILD'' full blast. But mayb not just do the 4 things i said first n also good idea 2 check tires b4. When i took my road test i drove this car like i was driven a truck,arm out window finger holdin wheel n my right hand feelin 4 the gear shift. I blocked an inter section,but u have 2 nose out a truck how else how u gonna see. Besides there some a-hole on my ass,and i was on a slight grade. Sposed 2 stay back 10 or so feet. Cause truck may roll back. Oh well i passed anyway. Thats why he should have let me use Gravel truck. Thats what i drove 2 town 4 test. Just bein technical,i need a car licence first. Jeeze was driven truck 4 a few years by that time. Well better check spam n then go nose around RED GREEN says if the women don't find ya handsome they should at least find u handy.


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