Monday, February 21, 2005

''GARBAGE DAY''get rid of it 2day n start anew EH.

When was the last time i even put out the trash. Oh theres only me here. Takes 3 weeks 2 fill a garbage can. Oh good my driveway is done ,good man that Scotty. He must have been here early. It was'nt that we got lotsa snow just drifted. I don't have 2 shovel. Well better get dressed n feed my kids. I can here them barkin. They have good hearin i sneak 2 the window 2 peek n their peekin at My poor dogs should let them go 2 sow their wild oats. But theirs a freind of mine ,actually 2 that like 2 shoot dogs. My Copper diappeared 2 years ago,last seen headin towards Cape.[a section of Rez] Yes we have sections I live down the hill n my daughter lives up the hill. N over at Capt theres a section called the other side when ur here n when ur on the other side ,this is the other side. Got that no, well u have 2 live here. Did u ever notice Natives talk with their hands. My aunt used 2 tell me stories they were nade funnier by the use of he hands. Another thing aboot natives they don't generally point with finger.Or need 2 say in words an answer. Why bother thats why lips were made,u just push or poke them in the direction. Where u goin ''poke'',where she go''poke'',whers the beef''poke. U get my drift,so have u seen that...more later feed me doggies n work on html. Im amazed wha u can do with a few characters n how easy it is 2 totally screw up what ur doin. Know nuff now so that don't happen.[Knock on wood]...........later


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