Sunday, February 20, 2005

''SUNDAY''-down hill from here till Mon.-then uphill agin.

''CRAPOOLA''- I had my post fini n ready 2 post,then it just disappeared of my screen. Don't know if it's on the Blogger server or not. Or it don't go ther till u publish,u got me. Must be somwhere cause i did'nt delete. May it got banished when i shut down to make phone calls. Can't use phone n surf sametime. Mustb it's in my comp ,any1 know where to look . Mayb it was a good omen,i was sort of all worked up afterwards. But iffin a eva fin dit aw will post tit. It was just stuff that happened in da late 60's n early 70's. Things that no one knows about me n my 2 deceased friends. And about my oldest son,he'd b 29 this Apr. We took him out bar hoppin on his 19th. b-day. Did he ever get hammered. But had a good time,think it may have been that Tennesse moon-shine that did him in. Good stuff ,u put a 1/4'' in a glass n the rest mix then u all set. I drank it straight to get the taste,course i had a beer chaser. [sip,sip u have 2 sip shine] or u b shinin da floor. My fav song a da 60's Im shinin the floors over yooooooooo,u breakin my hart dis is tru. OK i shut up,damn critics..phook u n da horse u came in on] But theres always a butt head in the crowd,[x son in-law] lets call him Bo-Bo cause he was a F_ _ KIN clown. [ha,ha,ha. -how many x s-in-laws i got]. He was raised in Alabama a so,so shine area accordin to tennesse ppl. So of course he was used 2 shine,don't gulp it Bo we said. But oh no he had 2 play the big man. Well that big man ended up on his ass. He called me last month don't know why n left me his # . I don't have any intentions of ever callin that ass-hole. I never found out till later he dragged my daughter around by the hair. On top of that he bit his own arm n told the cops she did it. WTF kinda man is that,he stabbed his own leg 1 time n said some ''NISH'' from another ''REZ'' attacked him. Good riddence is all i can say. PHOOK i hate ppl like that. Guys who never been off the REZ or away from mommie like Bo was. I was 17-18 when my dad threw a bag of clothes in my face n said Get the Phuck out. Was the best thing he could ever have done for me. Good thing i worked 2 summers previous so i knew how 2 work. And workin n earnin ur own money was even better. I made 70-80/week,lots back then,20.00/week ,room n board 2 my pop's. Which i always borrowedback on Sunday 2 cure over-hang. But he did'nt care ,so long as did'nt get in trouble. I was 16 when i got into hotels for the first time. Thanks 2 my dad n 3 of his friends i could get into the Arlington. And later the Pizzzzz,i'd have 2 be 1/2 bagged b4 they serve me. Sober i looked 2 young so have a few at the Arlinton n it added a few years ,i guess. By the time guys my age were old nuff 2 drink ,i was old hand. But i learned how 2 act n drink sociable from my dad n his friends. Some ppl might think that not a good thing but Phook u,it was the times . Well b4 the hotels i could get in Beer n Likker stores. I went in with my dad when he was a little looped. And i'd fill out those little forms ,how many,what brand n what size. So the guys see me come in all the time,so what the hell i try 4 myself. All they can say is no n no harm done. I b damned if they did'nt serve me. I used 2 wonder if they could charge me with supplyin minors if i was 1. Never found out the answer 2 that. Well better go check out chat c if they miss me. I only meant 2 talk aboot loosin my post,but those damn tangents have a way of sneakin away. Speakin of,doe's any1 know if they still sell Sneaky Pete in the US.,it was a rosaaaaaaaaay,how u spell roooozaaaay. If so UPS me a few bottles,prob a bit more than 25. JAZZ N NANCY N MAYB JANNINE.......WAAAAAASAAAAAAPP. andfor u PEEPS ooot dar who deem me woordy and read my rants........CLIK>>CLIK..Baa-Maa-Pii-Gau-Waab-Miin.


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