Friday, March 25, 2005

''EASTER FRIDAY'' anudder turkey holiday,mmm.

Easter Friday just feels like any udder day. And there's still Easter Sunday n Monday to come yet. I did not know that Easter could fall in March or April. First full moon after the first day of spring. I think thats how i heard it. If ya verify that ,let me know,will ya's. Cause i will b losin sleep over that now.LOL. Was wonderin why my Breakfast Television was'nt on this am. Damn holidays anyway. Do i sound like an unemployed person. If i was workin i b sayin hmmmmmmm time n a 1/2. Well don't fret my pets ,i have faith i'll either win a lottery,get a job or get cash 2 start my bussiness. The job part mayb b hard since it's on rez n not 2 many job openings 4 ppl with my last name. And im over 50 now n thats another hinderence when seekin enployment. Im 8 months in arrears on my mortgage payments. I make payments but it's sporatic. I think my balance is a bit over a grand or 2. Not all that much but they[the council] decided 2 start evictions once u fall behind so many months. Sum ppl hav'nt paid in 20-30 years. I can c their point i guess,those r the ppl who need 2 b notified. Start payin or else. I repect my elders n all ,but when they start thinkin that the rez owes them somthing. I wonder . The idea of repayment 4 housin loan was so that on top of money gov. provides 4 new houses. A couplea more homes could b built from receipts from loan payments. I not so innocent myself after my break-up in the 70's i said the hell with it. But sometime in the 80's i sent letter 2 Chief n Council of the day to put house n property in my name. Take my wifes name off so she have no claim 2 house n land. If ya think thats mean well she did stray first, in our few short years of marrage i never strayed. I my have been a heavy drinker but those were the times. Any1 who grew up on a rez knows this 2 b true,wether u like 2 admit it or not. I used 2 pass out at a friends house n wake up with hickeys but so did every other guy that passed out their. No amount of explainin would would satisfy the Mrs. LOL. Oh well water under the bridge,i came away with, great kids n grand-kids. So no matter what i did in my life i got rewarded in the end. Im still young nuff 2 c great n great-great grand kids. And if thats not sumthin 2 live 4 than i don't know what is. Well time go look 4 sum1 2 chat with.....later.


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