Thursday, March 24, 2005


It's thursday, i tot it was Fri. time is flyin by . Damn i'll b collectin my old age pension b4 u know it. Well i got a few years but the days n weeks seem 2 b speedin by. I never even heard how our kids made out a Little NHL it was hosted in Sault ST. Marie agin. Garden River was host REZ this year. But there's so many rez's along that streach of Trans Canada Hwy. I hav'nt been up that far since early 80's. Well Atikokan anyway,was up there takin heavy equipment course n buildin a road. Right in middle of no-where. Our home away from home was billets on Lake Quetico a nice peaceful place. It was 200mi. east 2 Thunder Bay or 200mi. west 2 International Falls. A beautiful n rugged place lotsa lakes. Never saw a single moose it was huntin season so they was hidin. I think all hunted animals have internal calander so they know when huntin season starts. 11 more days of freedom 4 my Snoopy b4 i have 2 start tyin him up. But i'll make him a run from house 2 the road so he can still b nozy. I mean gaurd his turf. Just have to make sure their chain's ar'nt long nuff 2 tangle. I'd sure hate 2 hang my dogs. Well nuff yammerin 2 tonight......later.


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