Wednesday, March 23, 2005


A friend on my instant messanger told me of her families loss. Her husband passed away.It's gonna b a hard few days or weeks 4 her n her daughters. But he had been ill 4 sum time. At least now ,no more pain 2 suffer through. I lost 2 close cuz'ns to cancer in 1 year. We were in Toronto for what amounted to a death watch for our cuz. And within a year i was in Cornwall hospital to c him. I could'nt stay 2 c the end,cause of commitments at home. But i stayed the night in hospital with him. He was just skin n bones but he still had heart. Right 2 the end he wanted 2 use bathroom n sit up in a chair. Although it tired him out. I tried 2 sleep next door 4 a bit. But sumthin kept walkin me up n i would go check on him. He was tryin to get out of bed n go 2 bathroom. I think he knew i was there. I know my cuz knew i was there 9-10 months earlier. I had 2 leave the next mornin. He passed on a coupla days later. Well I hope her n the girls get through this quick. I know it's hard but im sure they have a great support system if needed. I told her to go stay with her friend 4 awhile.........Well time 4 bed no chat 2night.


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