Wednesday, March 23, 2005

''HUMPY -DAY-A family that humps 2gether r sick''

Humpin is best left with non related ppl n dogs. What cha call a camel with no hump......give up...........''HUMPHERY''. A nudder nice day its been averagin bout -3 but feels warm compared 2 what we get at night. Ice breakers opened a channel out of Owen Sound ,the start of shippin season. I think it's earlier this year. But our tugs r iced in at Meaford n Tobermory Harbours. The Touce-how u spell too-shay is docked at our gov. dock. Last winter it sunk their but just rested on bottom. Did'nt submerge but it did get a 2 foot coating of ice on it. The waves washed right over the dock . Built an ice bridge from dock 2 boat n encased the boat with ice. I'll get pic's sumwhere,when i find i'll post some here. From my friend. Another thing i want 2 learn. I got Picasa so im all set just 2 get pic's in comp. To bad about what happened in Red Lake i believe it's a Rez. My heart goe's out 2 those family members most effected. Well time 2 go outside n do sumthin. Been spendin 2 much time in doors........more 2night.


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