Saturday, March 26, 2005

''SARRRDAY''Good day g-kids spent whole day with me.

Woke up 2 another nice bright day. ''Whew'' glad i woke up,i'd hate 2 wake up dead.Lol. Nice but cold the bays froze over way past the islands. So no fishin commercially 4 awhile anyway. Some nets got froze in when the ice moved in n the tugs could;nt get 2 them. Some of the fish will keep but there will b sum pretty ripe. When i was fishin ,we found nets lost from revious years. Talk about smelly,when fish rots it's smells just like human.......ya get the picture,or ya want i should spell it out. Think of slit,snit,spit. Thats why eventually i would go hunt down all these lost nets. Ya could salvage anchors,bouys,bouy lines and even salvage whole nets. Just need a bit of cleanin ,ya need strong stomach though. Spread on rocks by the shore n let seagulls clean up most. They gain n u gain every1 Well had the grand-kids over all day. So they took over the comp,was in with-drawel by the time they Had a good day mostly when they were here. They spent most of the day down the shore. Gettin wet n playin on the ice. But i told them not 2 go out further. Stay on shore although u have 2 go a ways out 2 deep water,it's still cold. But i was still nervous as long as i could c them or hear them. I worry 2 much ,mayb,but i din't think so. Goin 2 their place 4 turkey dinner tommorow n bring home a doggie bag. MMMMMMMM i love turkey. Hey i got frozen home made cranberries i can thaw. I better do that now 4 i 4get. There fresh frozen home made cranberries. If it stays nice i'll have 2 get chicken,ribs n steak n have a bbq. Thats a plan 4 Apr. 1st. weekend. The kids just go nuts 4 my bbq. And the dogs go nuts 2 waitin 4 leftovers. They all look rabid when i bbq,never knew dogs could drool over food. Just like humans,not as bad as ''HOOCH'' ever seen the Well go fini my movie ,im watchin X-Men 2,then Hidalgo n Cold Mountain.......later ppl.......''HAPPY EASTER''


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