Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Well that little job took all of 1 hour. Oh well got me off my property for And i had a good visit with my pal from way back. He was our mechanic when i worked for Solomon Contracting back in late 70's early 80's. He's the one who drove me to Owen Sound to catch bus for Toronto every Fri. when i was supposed to work later. But bus left at 4 got me in TO a little after 7:00, catch subway at Yorkdale and be at Varsity Restaurant at Spadina n Bloor at 7:15. Anything for love,at the time i was chasin this tall long black haired vision. Our eyes actully made contact across a crowed room[ever watch movies thats how it happens]lol. So what if across was 5 ft. away. I've been so lucky to have so many good women in my life. But booze helped wreck those relationships. But thats a story for another time. It's a beautiful day out ,bright ,sunny a bit cool. Got my tower ready for lift-off soon as i can get help. I inquired about hi-speed here on Rez. $ 1,350.00 up-front cost for receiver then $ 59.95.00/month for unlimited. May as well stay with dial-up at $21.99.00/mnth. besides i got it free till Sept. I guess i'll enquire elsewhere for hi-speed. Small dish is not much better download fast cause they Compress but slow anyway to de-compress. My sis n her hubby tried it out. So i'll wait till later,they gonna try another service provider. I want somthin i and my bro can split cost on since he's only 100 ft. away. Well i should go on chat i hav'nt been on in over a month. But i still post on the boards. One room im in closed down. oh well what can ya do. I was thinkin about makin a site to put all candidates on for up comin Rez election.U b suprised how many voters away workin,livin,schoolin n debauchin from home here. My son already phoned Band Office to give addy so they can send package to vote by mail. He's workin for the Federal Government at the moment,he be gettin transfer to camp by summer. I hope ,b closer for visitin. No more bars,walls or razor wire. Im glad im out of that kind of life but consequences of the life i led. I still wonder if im gonna hear a knock at the door someday. Cause i was in the O-zone when i did some of my evil deeds.[THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT]. Mayb they take all my years of bein a piller of the community into account. I figure i'm a bit to old for a free extended all expense paid holiday. Time to do as the birds do and flock off............later.


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