Monday, April 25, 2005


The snow is goin away slow. But were supposed to get rain now 4 next few days. Can't work on gettin my tower up till snow's off the roof. I don't feel like catchin Gus when he slides off my roof. I can see it now that big patch of mud that will be my lawn when it dries up. Mayb i can continue under-brushin tomorrow,all the snow should be off the trees. The snow that fell was so wet it cause the power to blink off n on. And a big area was in the dark ,with the high winds n heavy snow snappin limbs ,it shorted out power grid. But we were lucky no power loss here but i have a big supply of candles ,thanx to yard sales. Beer bottles work good as holders. I still have 6 empty 24 Molsons Canadian cases,a keep sake from my last toot[mini]. Yes i think this July i celebrate my b-day mayb i wait for election night b lotsa free booze. Or mayb not,we'll just have to wait n see. Longest i been sober in 40 years,even in jail i managed to get drunk. Lucky im still here coulda poisoned our selves. But we had an ole timer for brew master. Said he never lost a customer,i guess he'd be long gone now. I somtimes sit back and wonder how how all my old street partners n cronies are doin. Thru the years i read about some of my friends deaths in Toronto. Some got murdered....Custer got beaten to death,mayb cause he had Nish friends. A runt of a blond haired white guy married to a native girl. He was always with Nish ,surrounded ,hence the name Custer. And a few bro's got stabbed,froze to death,or lose argument with TTC bus or street-car,or automobile. One thing cops did'nt spend to much time on solvin the crime if it involved natives. Back to Custer we took him to Dixon Hall [hostal]a place to crash ,one of many besides the great outdoors ,which was better i and many Nish thought. Anyway we tried to get Dean to take a shower,we told him we wanted our token whiteman not to smell. He kept sayin later but finally we grabbed him stripped him and thru him in shower. Ever throw a cat in the water n watch what happens. We got garbage bag n made hole for arms n head n thats what he wore. These guys [night watchman]would do ur laundry while u slept,have nice clean clothes in mornin. Other friends i found at a cemetary in Wiki,coupla years ago i was at my sister's funeral or mighta been my Great Niece her g-daughter,but next to where i was standin i looked at crosses around me and i saw Felix's name all this time i thought he was in TO. We had parted company in Orillia along with other Nish fron TO last time i saw them. I miss all my old pals. I was in TO last summer on deliveries so i'd get driver to cruise my old haunts Queen St. from Parliment to Sunnyside,and check out Bathurst Street. Queen n Bathurst the corner,all new ppl there punkers n squeegy kids. This summer i'l go look n see how many are left n how many went west to Van or home. I hope most of them made it home,but i know thats wishfull thinkin. I'd like to go for a meal at Scott's Mission another haunt Collage n Spadina. Or check out the Silver Dollar or go south to Queen n see the old HorseShoe Tavern,so many bar's n hotels . Have to stay for a week to see all ,my wonderin territory took up most of Toronto. Depended on what band of brothers i wanted to hang with once a month or so i'd make the rounds. Yes i have to do that this summer,im not gettin any younger. Well nuff reminicing,just makin myself feel bad,like i deserted them when i left Toronto. Well if i was gone for an extended period of time they;d assume i was dead anyway same with anyother nish. Then have a party when ya come back from the dead.............later.......Next time you see a street person don't call him a bum. Somthing happened in their life. Your not born or wake up one mornin and say,im gonna be a street-person[whiteman term''. It happens slowly,if ur lucky nuff to meet up with a group of Nish they;ll talk to ya. And if u got no place they;ll take u in. Then u find out what friendship is,they will give u the shirt off their back. But there r bad nish out there mostly ones who are Red on the outside n White on the inside[APPLES]. Look him or her in the eye and smile so what if they hit u up for spare change. He or she was once someones brother,sister,aunt,uncle,mom,dad,grampa,gramma. I don't regret one minute i spent on the street with Nish,white,black. It was a good experience along with everything i saw and did ,good and bad...............Adios


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