Sunday, April 24, 2005

''STILL COMIN DOWN''at least the wind died down.cont

Well what will tomorrow bring,more snow mayb. I hope not,my daughter went to town to go shoppin n they had hard time gettin off the Rez. I sent for dogfood my dogs were starvin n staggerin from hunger,yah right we all eat human food if they run out of chow. They were gone all day on a 2 hour trip. We have two ways in n out and they both have long hill's to climb. Unless u go by boat. When they finally got up the hills they stopped here n there helpin ppl who were stuck. The snow-plowin of township roads leadin into Rez r not a priority cause just Indians and Farmers live out here east of west of Hwy.6 where the mayor n well off ppl live the roads are well maintained. So not only us Indians are at the bottom of the Totem Pole. I was tryin to find news stories of the happenin's here concernin our fishery from the past coupla weeks. I found a site with the news stories on our Biologists web site in this section [Aboriginal fisheries and resource management in the news ...Saugeen Ojibway Nations Territory (Lake Huron)]. I mentioned in a previous post that the gill net found at Colpoys Dock was cut from anchor and dragged in shore. These guys [anglers] used to have a site [forum] where some of our people and our biologosts would post rebuttles as well as the true facts. But now my cuz said you can't get in to it now unless your a member. And they moved or changed names he said. I guess we can't say anything in our defence now. So the thousands of members of Ontario Federation of Hunters and Anglers will get a one sided version of the facts.I wonder if this how Nazi Germany got started. I have some white friends so i guess i'll get one of them to join so i can see whats what . Oh well u read news articles n u decide. Well time for news n a movie ''STRANGE BREW''great white north with Bob n Doug Mackenzie..A funny phlick if ya ask me......later.


Blogger Pebbles said...

Hey Teddy i got your emails. I checked the code you have for the links and you have it correct but i dont understand why it wont work so im gonna mess around a bit and see if i can figure out whats wrong. I'll get back to you soon! =)

12:38 AM  

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