Tuesday, April 26, 2005

''NO MORE RAIN'' yah

One of these days it will quit rainin. The wind died down so the boys are back on the water. One guy the one i fished with got nets full of wool. The nets get filled up with seaweed thats just like wet wool. Ruins your nets cause as u lift the nets ,the weight of wool rips up the nets. As u lift your nets,the wool rolls down the net till it breaks through the webbing. A costly problem but hard to avoid cause it rolls along botton with the current. So u never know where it is. Especially bad when an east wind which sweeps the bottom of bay. Besides wool u have to content with Zebra Mussels. Sometimes u find a net that was lost years before,talk about stink. Pure protein so it smells just like shit. But u can salvage the anchors,anchorlines,leads,corks,ropes, bouy's and somtimes the whole net. Nets could be a few hundred yards long from punt fishing or thousands of yard from a tug. Once a current catches your net it could move it miles from where it was set. I been on tug when we dragged for nets. Its a long day if you have to drag for nets but ya gotta try . It's good to see ground agin but its mud now,won't take long to dry out. Then i can make more fire n keep our fire dept. busy. Well i got a little job tomorrow help deliver a fridge make a few bucks anyway. Ciarette money if i still smoked. I don't even get the urge anymore. Was easier than i thought it would be. Mayb not bein able to breath had a bit to do with it. I can't imagine goin thru every day like that. Now i know a bit of what asthmatics go thru. My grand-kids have a mild form but young nuff they will grow out of. Humid weather still bothers them,mom won't let them out on those days. Well time for news and The Daily Show only got 3 channels not much to choose from.lol........later.


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