Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Well all the snow is almost gone. And i've been under-brushing my property the last weekn1/2. Im gonna end up with a lot more yard maintanence. I hav'nt even started cleanin up whats on my lawn. Bones,carcases,sticks,plastic what ever meets with Snoopy's approval he brings home as a trophy.. My yard was clean sort of b4 snow came. What Snoopy did'nt bring home ppl walkin n drivin by would throw their garbage on road n end up in my yard. Since i own across the road to the lake i got 2 ditch lines 2 clean up. Mayb get my grand-kids over this week-end to make a fire. Burn all the brush i cut ,still lots 2 cut. Get my cuz over with his cahinsaw to cut a few trees n the brush to big 4 my lopping shears. I need 2 buy an axe. Bugs was barkin like crazy yesterday so i look out the side window n i see a flash of blue goin past my house. I go out n it's 1 of my friends ,chasin an Otter. Chased it from his place about a mile away n it got away in back of my house. Since i got a dranage ditch dug i got spring run off goin past my place instead of across my driveway. The Otter used the water to get away even though it was goin against the water flow. They must b strong swimmers. Steve said it was a big Otter. I got swamp right behind my place n more swamp further back. I got a grandaddy Possum livin near here to ppl have seen it comin across road towards my house. Visions of Wild Kingdom........had all my wild dependants out there eatin 2day. Even had crows stop by starlings n other birds. Well i guess i make this a shorty ,we not gettin snow but a lightning storm comin fron the south west. Gonna unplug all my electronics n comp..........later..


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