Thursday, April 28, 2005


A really ez day,waited for fridge mover,we sposed to move some furniture. But i guess he made other plans or had repairs to do. Was a nice day agin,my brother was out tourin,they had a bbq fund raiser at the adult education/economic development/library building. My old grade school Alma Mater where all gr.8 boys got tranferred to high school. If i knew he was goin or even knew it was goin on i would have sent for lunch. Since he got scooter he's more mobile he can go quit a ways on one charge. Pretty sure he could make one circuit of Rez b4 batteries die. Was on the phone with one of my extended family daughters last night. Jazzy will b graduating this Sat. wish i had money n wheels so i could go. Theater school,she gonna get a tape of one of her performances. Mayb someday soon i'll see her in a movie at a theater. I see one guy from my Rez in commercials and movies. Back in the 60's is when i first saw a few guys from here on one show''Hatch's Mill'', they were running up road whoopin n hollerin attackin a fort or some settlement. I was in a movie called ''Breach Of Trust'' back in the 80's,i was the indian in the Addidas they ran out of moccasines so they told me to hide in the crowd.ha,ha,ha. I shoulda stood right out front. They askes me to go bare-foot but no way. I had dislocated hip i was gettin over. When it happened my leg went dead fron nerve damage. So at the time my leg was comin back to life slow but sure. It was very sensative so no way could walk bare-foot. I could feel every pebble or small stone thru my shoes. It took 10 years for my leg n foot to come totally back ,now no more pins n needles. They wanted to cut my hair Mohawk style,not this Ojibway i said. I shoulda let them ,they woulda paid more. I asked for pay that night,shoulda waited n got paid scale but i was broke. Boy that was a hard day,we were 1/2 bagged when they picked a bunch of us up from a drop-in so by lunch u had a buncha hung over Nish on ur hands. Thats why we asked for pay that day. We hit the liquor store so ended our short lived movie stardom. Nobody in shape to go back next mornin. So when i say i've done just about every kind of job u can imagine in Toronto in not lyin. Jack of all trades master of non,so why n job u ask. Well let me tell ya after 50 your opprotunities r few n far between. So thats why at this late stage inlife im tryin to start my own bussiness. Hopefully this year i'll get my grant. Ruined my credit years ago so there's no goin to bank. All i need is a chance so wish me luck this Oct. or Nov. when grant applications come due. I know i can't make nuff from my Google ads mayb i got nuff for coffee Back to Jazzy ,her sister is home[Toronto] from New Orleans,take awhile to lose the accent. I'll call her tomorrow be to late to call to-night. Well time 4 news n hit the hay early.......later.


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