Friday, April 29, 2005

''PAYDAY ,PAYDAY,PAYDAY''mayb if i say nuff times i'll get one.

I talked to my other daughter 2night,the New Orlean'er. Sure was good to here her voice. I got n sent a few e-mails from her n Jazzy. Never even thought of askin if they had e-mail addys.DUH. Her we coulda been communicatin all this time. Oh well there home now but prob won't see till Pow -Wow this Aug. Sure hope i got income by summer. My grand-kids Brady n Kerri are already plannin a return visit to my nephew's in Massey. A hundred bucks/day minimum for 2 kids for food n mid-way. Next to the CNE in Toronto it;s the biggest fair i was at. It's really a fall fair but got so much more to see n do. So come hell or high water were goin. Had a guy come over to discuss some concerns i had with our water treatment plant n operators. He set me at ease on some things but there is more for next Public Works Meetin. And i asked him to look at my proposal for grant and tell me what if anything was missin. He was a big help he told me some things he thought i was missin. So mayb i have a good chance this year. Mayb i should buy into a Tug Fishin Company.......we'll see. Soon as i get info mayb i ask him for help with. I'd be more than happy to compensate him for any help. But no matter what happens, i'll keep tryin,mayb they;ll give it to me to leave them Well time for news. A shorty 2night,but if i sat long nuff i'd get second wind........How ya doin Pebbles and Shell n whom ever is readin this here literary masterpiece. Gooooood-nite. If they'd settle our 90 billion,land claim then i'd have money for bussiness. Don't get me started,oh ok......


Blogger Pebbles said...

Im great. Been slacking in the online department though. I need to get caught up with so much, emails and etc... Except some over due emails in your inbox from me soon lol.

6:48 PM  

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