Saturday, April 09, 2005


Got my care package from my aunt 2day. Dishes,tea pot,tea of diff kinds,tea biscuits,pumpkin n blueberry pies. She always bringin me stuff ,what i can't use i give 2 my daughter. She n Al happened by when she was here n her n the kids stayed 2 visit. I sent my aunt home with WhiteFish,Trout,Perch,Corn 4 corn soup.some wild frozem Morells[legume] and my daughter sent fish,venison. My aunt scored large 2day. Her grand daughter drove her up from Missassauga. The pie n biscuits did'nt last long with grandkids around but thats ok. They don'nt get to see their Great aunt 2 often. She's gettin up their ,think she's 75 this year but still sharp as a tack. My yard is lookin good got about 60x150 ft. more lawn 2 cut at side of house. Got that much more to cut at back of house also. I want to extend my lawn into bush behind my house. Got a large tract to cut between my n my brothers house but not to much i do it every year. Helps keep mosquitos away,bad nuff i got swamp a back but since i put drain in it runs steady. So not as much standin water for breedin ground. I think i'll burns somemore dry grass in back n sides. I got 250 ft. of water hose so i can have water when i burn. Told my cuz not to pull a Satch [Al's brother] n cause fire to get out of control. It's emmbarrasin if u have to call fire I've never had to i wait till wind blowin away fron bush if it doe's get away on me it can only go to shoreline n no further. Al bringin his chainaw so cut some trees down thats dyin. I'll need wood for next year i still plan on puttin that wood furnace in so start stockin up my wood. Well time 4 news n then movie later peeps.....


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