Monday, April 11, 2005

''BRIGHT N CLEAR''but feels like fall.

It was a cold n blustery day,so no fire 2day. The wind was blowin 2wards the bush n could'nt take a chance my fire gettin away on I'll make small fire in the cut off stumps their hollow from ants n termites. Their dried out should burn slow n easy ,don't have to worry about gettin them pulled out . Kirk was gonna come over but he had dentist appt. Besides old ppl said u should'nt b out in the cold after dentist visit,catch cold in mouth. They only come visit my little creek n fire No fire but i cut up some limbs so as to burn easier got more to cut up tomorrow. Will have lots to burn when grand-kids come back. My back yard is lookin real good now. Now i have to buy fill to level off un-even spots. How come eveything a person doe's to inprove ur yard ends up costin money. Oh well what can ya do it needs to b done. Time for news soon ,gotta catch up on Gomery report. Want to see how bad the Liberal Party screwed us. All that damn money they waste they could start makin payments on our $90,000,000,000. land claim n we look after ourselves. But our ppl have crooks in Rez govt. as well as the one's in Provincial n Federal politics. Somthing to sleep on anyway. Besides we havin our election in a couple of months. I hope we get a big shake up. I think we need whole new Chief n Council. Even the new young ppl that got in never accomplished what they thought they would. I think they just fell in behind the party line so to speak. But i could b wrong . ""NOT"" .Time for news more plitical ramblings in future posts. Mayb i can campaign for my choices. Thats what i'll do. This modern technology is great......later.....peeps.


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