Thursday, April 07, 2005


Took Snoopy 4 a walk around my property this morn. Back in the bush n down along the shore line. All uneven ground so my calfs n back is hurtin. Damn ,i better get away from comp n go out walkin more each day. When snow all gone from bush i'll take my 3 dogs out. Can't take chance on lettin them run loose durin day might get shot. At least if i take them in bush b farily safe. I'll take Sparky out tomorrow then Bugs the next day . One way to get excersize,i need 2 loose 75 lbs. I needed to lose b4 i quit smokin but gained more after. And Xm-mas dinner n New Years dinners did'nt help. mmmmmmmTurkey. Not much happenin on message boards from chat rooms im in. Guess i get up at 3:30 am. n watch history bein made . The Popes funeral starts that early. Gonna b hard pressed to find another like him. He shook up the catolic church. I was livin in Toronto when he first visited Canada,so we went to Church St. to see the procession. And 2 c what all the hub bub was about. I never saw so many cops arm in arm on both sides of street. You could c the snipers on all the tall building along the route. I wanted to c the Pope Mobile they made after the assasination attempt. Im not Catholic or religious by any means but i saw a piece of history in person that day. 11:30 better hit hay gotta b up in 4 hours. I just hope their no terrorist attacks but i got a funny feelin,hope im wrong.....


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