Friday, April 08, 2005


Got another good start on under brushin today. Got 2 piles of brush 2 burn. Wait till wind blows from west don't wanna start forest fire. Mayb burn dry grass tomorrow better to c what to cut then. Helps new growth of grass same time. Damn im sore as ole hell agin. It's amazein what a coupla months of unemployment can do to 1's muscles. Been awhile since they were put to use their lettin me know now. Less comp n more outdoor activities it summer soon so when kids out of school ,i b real bz. They can run me ragged in no time flat. Peeked in on Popes funeral 3:30 am but did'nt watch 4 to long. I was 2 tired from that bit of work i did. Im gonna have to stay more active. I may b sore but i feel real good,must b all the fresh air. Time for news n mayb chat then movie then bed.Maybe......later...ppl.


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