Sunday, April 10, 2005

''SAW FIRETRUCK'S TWICE 2DAY'' but not 4 me.

Got a lot of brush burned 2day as well as more dry grass. Grand-kids wanted to come down at 6 am. To visit me,yah right. My daughter bought the kids boats yesterday so they want to play in the little stream runnin past my place. But they helped with fire to n pilin cedar blocks,im savin for kindling . I still plan on burnin wood next winter. Got some wood already from trees we cut down. Got a few more cedar trees to take down. I need to make a clearin to push snow next year. Cut tree down beside Bug's house so had to move his house n the floor fell out of his house. Guess i gotta make new dog houses now they seen better days. The fire trucks went by twice today one fire call n 1 medical. It's that time of year ppl burnin the old grass to promote new growth. And the wind picks up n the fire gets away. I always make sure i have water hose out n nuff to go into bush if need be. No use havin hose if u can't reach fire. No 1's gonna tease me cause fire dept was at my fire. It's 11 pm. n i still have fire goin so no bed till it burns down a bit. There's no wind so i don't need to douse the fire. Had a little bbq for my little workers my cuz Al too. Was talkin to their mom they all smell like smoke ,be around fire all day. Between fire n water they had a good day. At least gave mom a break from the kids n all she did was cleean hous. But she likes house work ,i have a weird daughter. She has a nice clean house all the time. With 4 kids must e a lot of work. Well better go check fire n watch the race my bro taped for me.......later ppl.


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