Sunday, May 15, 2005


Well we went to church and it still standin. At least when we left. If i was a bingo addict i coulda walked across the road to bingo hall/community centre. Caught the school/church bus,well they stopped for us. So next week they look for us agin. Sorry to say our minister is leavin end of June ,goin to our sister REZ. Not that many ppl come to church musta been big jack-pot every1 across the road. I don't think to many go at all to church. Kirk and i tried out the Nascar racin. Woulda been ok but Kirk drives like he in demolition derby. So the race restarts more than we race. Oh well just as long as he has fun. He left the game here is that so i practice,so i can compete with him. Brady phoned and asked me if i would baby-sit him. I think mom asked him to phone,but im always glad to have the kids over. Wanted to take them in the bush to look for morells [fungi] not sure of spellin. And go see auntie but she addicted to Told kids we were goin to look for bears,we will be goin near a bear run. But with 3 dogs n 3 kids should be plenty of noise. Long as we don't come across a skunk or porcupine. We would be goin thru black squarrel territory. But since i feed them now i don;t think i;ll ever eat anther one. Although they are tasty. I have RedHots n No-name brand burgers at home for lunch. But Canada was takin on the Chech Republic for the gold so that ended our bush trip. Damn buggers lost anyway so may a well have gone. Already a new week got some things to do at band office. Get a grant application and apply agin. Well better make it an early night agin kids wore me out just imagine if we made it into bush.........laterppl.


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