Monday, May 16, 2005

''THE 3 STOOGES +1''Curly,Larry,Moe and Shemp.

Well i can't remember when i've been so tired. U can really drain your ole bod from exerting yourself. I had my cuz and my 2 grandson stop by to-night to help me get freezer,washer and 60 gal. hot-water tank out to road for pick-up. Our yearly large item pick-up as well as any garbage,lawn mowers etc. . I have no basement door so anything in basement has to come upstairs. I got a small washer/ spinner machine up and out myself n part of and old dryer. Thats a job n a 1/2 using a cheap dolly not made for movin appliaces. The one i have can be changed into a 4 wheel cart of sorts. Best investment i ever made was Ratchet Straps u can tie whatever ur haulin onto dolly or truck,trailer tight enough to hold in place. So if ya ever move and wanna save ur valuables from decoratin the high-way thats the way to go. Back to the big move,first thing we hauled was washer 2 pushin n 2 pullin ,everything ran as smooth as anything. Next was freezer much bulkier were pushin their not pullin,their pullin were not pushin. Workin against one another is very tiring. Finally i say pull then we work together got prob licked for next big item. Not!! The end of freezer is catchin the ceilin portion above bottom of stairs,so were pushin and their pullin and we tryin to lift the house. Were all huffin n puffin and strainin our milk wonderin why this is so heavy. I notice the prob and start laffin once ya start laffin there's no way in hell u gonna do anything more. We get past where it was catchin and still hard ,like it was still caught but nothin but space above. We get it up-stairs after a hard struggle and get washer n freezer out n let them slide down the steps. No damn way gonna try and ease them down stairs when they can slide. After we load them on Al's truck only water-heater left. Tie water-heater onto dolly extra tight. Its much taller than dolly so i don't know they not pullin by handle. Were pushin like hell and there pullin and not gettin anywhere. 15 steps and each was step was harder than last. When were at the top n last step i notice the wheels for the cart part are catchin. So the wheels caught every step on the way up. No wonder we were so tired. I never mentioned
The 3 Stooges did;nt wanna offend Al i may need his help agin. Well it's time for bed im beat......later.


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