Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Amazin how ez things go when ya got the right equipment. Took those guys all of 10 min. if that to load up my appliance collection. They used back-hoe to load onto gravel trucks. Betcha they woulda had a prob gettin up my stairs. Kirk spent the night last night and he here agin to-night. So im as happy as a pig in ship. He the bad boy he reminds me of my late son Telford jr. No matter how hard he tried not to get in trouble it just was'nt meant to be. This was in his pre-teen years n early teens. Just about Kirk's age now. Oh,Oh...lol. He's a good grand-son. He woulda been 29 this past April 8th. Hard to believe he's been gone 10 years. My cuz Robert my sons teasin bud died that same week-end. We believed they would accompany each other on their journey. It did'nt seem to hurt as much knowin that. I was'nt gonna post anything about Son but it helps a bit to talk about him. Funny how the things that pop into ur head at these times are of times u yelled at or did somthin u regret. Mayb him bein the oldest i tried to make him more responsible. But u have to let them go n find there own way. My youngest will be out in a year or 2,he'll make camp in a coupla months. Be able to visit only a 3-4 hour ride each way. And stop at RAMA Casino on way home. Hard to believe he's goin on 8 years. That son of a bitch that killed his brother shoulda never came back onto this Rez. Was like he rubbin salt on a open wound ,especially since he got a slap on the wrist for killin my son. I still believe my son was there but did'nt kill the guy. I hope whoever he's protecting relizes he owes my son a great debt. I heard stories of some1 else showin up at somebodys house covered in blood. It seems to me i may have posted this fact here somewhere. Oh well once my son is out i;ll be happy and we can move on with our life. He's got a lotta nieces n nephews to spoil. And a lotta new cousins, lotsa babys born since he went in. And his son is gettin real big. I feel bad for him because his ex is tryin her best to make Theron 4get his dad. Which i think is not right. She's married now n her husband adopted him. But he knows who his dad is. I hav;nt even had contact with my own grand -son ,only when his maternal gram had him she would sneak him over and i;d get a hug n kiss. But last time was about 5-6 years ago. Once he's in his teens mayb he will come and visit. I hope anyway. Well time for news n Jay Leno. There i feel better now ,i'll prob post somethin on July 8th the day he died. Three days after my b-day what a present to get. .....later.


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