Friday, May 13, 2005


Rain on top the wind so either way no fire. Beside's there was a public meetin i wanted to go to concernin our cottage areas. Expand the number of lots up for lease. One good way to generate income to help us pay off our Seniors Complex. And other things since DIAND,DOT,Provincial Highways, and other agencys are all cuttin back so gonna leave us with less operating funds. Their plan eventually is for us to start chargin user fees like on the outside. Try and make us tax our ppl is what it looks like to me. I still say settle our land claim n we will have no need of Government money. We could live off the interest alone n not put a dent in the principal. Be hard pressed to spend 90,000,000,000 smackers. Then we could buy the land borderin our REZ to expand our land base. Or buy back the whole peninsula. Imagine that buy back land what is righfully our's anyway since we never got paid for it anyway. Every Indian Agent got their jobs here thru nepotism or favor of some sort. They came here poor n drivin an old wreck of a car and left with our money and brand new car. A lot of the things provided for the welfare of our ppl was sold to whites. Can ya guess who got the money. Mayb thats why one Agent was seen burnin records out behind the Old Agency Office. But some saved by one of our ppl who just happened to be walkin by. When i was a kid i remember Fred Purser and an Mr. Adams don't remember his first name. I remember gettin cases of Klik and Kam our version of the ever popular SPAM in the U.S.A. But i sooner buy SPAM when it go's on sale here. DIAND should have helped with that expandin land base when that Bill C31 came into effect. But im sure i already ranted about that already. Tangent.... Now my grand-sons got time trials and or practice in Hepworth 2day. Competition in Hardwood Hills near Barrie this month. Every Wednesday for the past month or more they been havin a bike repair clinic. Our boys n girls will be able to repair their own bikes. Next week i think is last one. If i had a bit of money i'd go cheer them on,i hate travellin broke . Ya never know when ya gonns need money. Well news time than Jay Leno n Conan Obrian.........later.


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