Wednesday, July 27, 2005

''Chippewas of Nawash Firefighters vs Cape Croker School -age Children''

There was a great ball game played by our kids from jr. kindergarten to gr. 8. Those little guys were a hoot to watch. It was a warm night not as hot temps as we've been gettin. The firemen had their Turnout suits on ,well everthing they were to fight a fire. U could tell they were sweatin. i thought mayb they would have to First Respond on their own Firemen. One of them had their breathing apparatus on thats 50-60 lbs. if memory serves me right. But mayb all the equipment is not as heavy as it was back in the 70's n early 80's when i was fireman. It was a hoot watchin the firemen tryin to bat with a tiny bat for small kids. But managed to get hits on base,like watchin Michellan men playin baseball. Most of our firemen plus size like on most Rez' My grand-kids got home runs so did other kids but i only noticed them. They passed the fire helmet n raised 150.00 from ppl watchin n they sold tickets on a 40.00 pack of scratch lottery tickets. Their tryin to raise money for team jackets for the kids. A good case if there ever was one,we have to support our children n youth in sports. We got all the drugs here now u find in any major city. Im tryin to tell my g-kids not to start smokin. I tell them what happened to me when i could'nt breath. Im over weight but now when i walk in the bush for a distance im not huffin n puffin. Never realised how much smokin affected breathing. Same with alcohol i tell them not to start. Kerri said she don't want me to drink cause she heard me mention i was gonna go to a election winners party. Same for my nephew had a buck n doe ,i was gonna go party but i;ve gone this long without it. Besides takes to long to get over a over-hang. Avoid hang-over's stay drunk was my motto one Well time to go n lurk in the chat rooms........later.


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