Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Well ,i was at the first meeting of the new Chief n Council. Its a learin curve for the new chief n first time councillors. They had a closed meeting with the water treatment plant worker who had the water meeting b4 the election.I and other ppl think that meeting had alot to do with the outcome of this election. But i dont know who we have qualified to operate the plant. The person that took and passed the test was let go,because of the water meeting. A notice/flyer was sent out by the ex chief refuteing the vauge allegations brought forth at the meeting. It stated all the improvment that were being completed at this time. Jesus H Christ if some of the thngs were not taken off line in 1995 and not replaced with somthing back than. We would'nt be fixin so damn much now. A very expensive repair. At least we gonna get an alternate power supply for the plant and the 2 booster pumping stations. Not if but when we have another power outtage in our area at least our water tower will not be in danger of running low. The tower has to have a certain amount of water in it to supply homes n Fire hydrants. Also mentioned was all the boilwater advisories that were issued in the past year.[10]. What about the other 13 or so years, its not like we just started to get east winds to stir up the water. There's gonna be alotta questions that need to be answered and who gave the orders to take some components off-line. And it was also mentioned that we are gonna hire a person to train our water plant workers. Why should we need to do that after 14 or so years the ppl in place should be qulified by now. They should be at a class much better than the minimum. Oh well better let it go for now no sense gettin all worked up . Between now n Aug. 8th i can ask questions b4 meeting. Gotta meet with all the program heads n see what their all about. The new ppl want to know what they got themselves into.lol. Well time for chat or bed.


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