Monday, July 25, 2005

''HOT-HOTTER-HOTTEST'',record breaking temps.

This the hottest summer on record they were sayin. I believe it,we never had so many mid to hi 30's temps ever ,that i can remember. I think they said we had about 7-8 days of these all last summer. We been havin these temps now for awhile seems like since May. Well its been about 10 days since the election and i've not heard of any re-count bein called. I've just heard the usual bitchin about who got in,but it's from ppl who did'nt vote. I figure u got no right to bitch if u can't be bothered to vote. Voter turn out was the most in years and the mail in ballets made a diff in the number of voters. Well my g-kids Kerri n Kirk got a summer camp to go to this summer,i see them ridin by every morn. Brady is to young and Doug is workin at fish plant. But takes time off to go on trips with the other camp kids. Doug n Kirk had a mountain bike practice this past week. And after wards their coach was in a tri-athelon on the Rez here. If i would have known i would of went to the Camp ground n watched the swimmin portion. Then the running followed by biking. I was next door at my bro's when i asked what the bike race was for,i thought it was my g-kids to. I saw them go by agin the 2nd n final lap followin our Emergecy response Truck,as hot a day as we've had n they were clippin right along. They have to be in shape if your in a tri-ath. Our Rez is hostin Cape Croker Invitational Mountain Bike Race on Aug.19. They expect about 80 children/youth,from Walpole,Oneida,Chippewa,Kettle Point,Saugeen[sister rez],Moravian and Muncey Rez's.
1 km race under age 6
1 km race age 6-7
2 km race age 8-9
5 km race age 10-11
10 km race age 12-13
12 km age 14-15

All my g-kids will be entered,im gonna go and embarras them by cheerin like a mad Well,im one proud gramps to see them in all types of sport's. But not nuff 12-13 yr. olds to make up ball team. to bad,some gone off Rez to play for teams they usually play against. Well ,time for bed.


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