Monday, August 22, 2005


Had a great time at pow wow got there late Sat. but got there early Sun. They had some Aztec dancers there ,wow they really have to be in good shape. And they were cuties . Non of my grand kids danced this year,to bad.But had other family members dancin. Well i had my corn soup n ndn taco, bison burger from our rez venders No more gon banana split from Clint n his wife from our sister rez. Thanx to my daughter she sponsered my pow wow visit cause i was financially embarresed. And she wants to send me up north to my nephews place for the Massey. fall fair,me Kerri,Kirk this year and Brady if he wants to go. But i have a doctors to see first mayb he'll put the kybosh to my trip. I think our pow wow was a success agin ,it seems to get bigger n better every year. Its traditional and not competition ppl come to dance and not for prize money. They had fire works Sat night cause it got rained out Fri. Now off on another tangent,i went to a finance meetin i never knew was on ,a friend called n said it was on. Dont think they were tryin to sneak one by cause regular meetin this Wed. Or were they,do i sound As much as i want to i wont be able to attend every meetin. I get monthly minutes anyway,but its still bettewr bein there. This chief n council want more ppl to attend so they know whats goin on.


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