Thursday, August 18, 2005

''MY FIRST HEART AILMENT''damn scary,makes ya think.

Got home about 8-9 pm. On a patient transfer vehicle an old ambulance except without all the lights n sirens. Drove me from Kitchner St. Mary's Hosp.right to my door. Had my g-kids with me on Monday n took them n my dogs swimmin. Got up n felt kinda strange dizzy,thought it was just the heat. Got to house n it got a bit worse,bbq'd for the kids . Pain started at 3 n by 6 pm it was gettin worrysome. So i took kids home n got a ride to hospital. Did'nt wanna call our first response ,stubborness could be the death of me ,but didnt wanna scare the g-kids. Got to hosp n they said it was a heart attack. So if ya ever feel heavy in the centre of your chest head for hospital or call 911. Next time i'll call our fire dept. ,the ambulance that took me to Kitchner had nothin but praise about our fire dept. Made me proud to hear that,we come a long way since i was a volunteer fireman.circa 1970's.I had operation on Wed. and i was home Thur. Had 2 stents put in my ticker,and i watched it on the monitors. I wonder why they tell how many ways u could die b4 they start the operation. Geez ur al ready nervous and they tell u that. A friend of mine went down on same ambulance n b4 we left they said dont worry about how u gettin home cause they would hold our beds and we would get back by ambulance. NOT,Wed. afternoon after operation they asked me if i had a ride arrainged. I almost didnt bring my clothes i woulda been stuck there with only hosp gown. I left my wallet behind so no money of any kind.Can u imagine havin this prob after a heart operation,i was getin all worked up over it. They were blamin each other for the mix up,what about me damn it ,i was rally gettin pissed off,the operating doc didnt even come n talk to me thur aftwer operation. I wasnt mad at her she saved me far as i was concerned. But the hospital bueracrats who was passin the buck. But my rez paid $600.00 to get me home. i was so pissed i asked social services in hosp to pay my cab to bus station n cab fair from Owen Sound to the rez and i would take a damn bus. When i got home ppl asked why didnt u call i woulda come n got u . I left my wallet in Wiarton hosp n didnt have no phone numbers. So next time i will not listen to ppl who speak with forked got that off my chest so i feel better. But im glad im here n able to post. I have to change my life style agin,i already quit smokin n havnt drank in over 2 years. I guess i join a monestary n become a monk. I have to make changes,im only 52 so i plan on seing my great-great grand kids.Well good night.


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