Friday, August 12, 2005


Well,this week i learned the inner workin of some of our programs. So did the new Chief n councillors. I never knew we had so many different programs. Wednesday was good we had some elders come in n praise some thing and give opinions on things they thought needed improvment. But meetings are always open to public unless it's a personal problem. If u cant make a meetin u can always get a copy of the minutes for the month. So no reason no1 should not know what goes on here on the rez. It's good that more ppl attending the meetings. More difficult questions need to be asked. I got my name in for Public works and Housing committee's. I still worry about our water ,i still boil my water b4 i use even when they lift the boil water advisory. I still plan on bein a thorn in the side of water dept. I still wanna know who along with the chief ordered some of the systems in our water treatment plant to be taken off line. If it was there for a perpose and nothin was put in to replace,that leads me n others to think our water was not safe for over 10 years. Some good ideas were brought forward about how we could generate some income for our rez. Gas station,restaurant,our own Doctors ,dentist offices for the rez n surrounding comunities,Pharmacy lots of ideas. I had my g-kids with me all day but refused to come back cause it was But i didnt have to cook all week they provided a good scoff. Or i should our ppl provided a good scoff. Since we technically paid for it. Think i'll have g-kids for the week-end,cause mom's workin the week-end. I can take them n my 3 dogs swimmin .Well jump on chat n catch up on the latest.


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