Friday, August 26, 2005


I went n saw the doc n he told me to take it ez for 2-3 weeks. No Massey fall fair this year but got my neph seein what else iz goin on b4 the ferry season iz over. And Brady wanted to go but the kids were not to diappounted at not goin. At least they didnt seem to be. I think Wiki has a fall fair but no mid way. I wanted to go n pick blue berries so i can freeze some agin.I brought some home last year,blue berry pan cakes. Was gonna try n get some moose meat,may get yet .My poor dog's woulda missed me agin were they ever happy to see me when i came back from hospital so were my cats. I missed them to worried some1 was feedin them. But Dougie stayed here n house sat for me. My other daughter n grand kids came by to visit. Talia just got back from cadet camp she got 1st in marksmanship here n a friend of her's. She be startin high school this Sept. geeze seems like i was changin her diapers. I like bringin that up when my kids or nieces or nephews get uppity. I miss the smell of babies cept for the diaper part. When my kids were babies i used cloth diapers,did i ever mention i had the kids myself. I was forced to give mom the heave ho. they were 1,2,4,and 5 . My boss once told me have all ur kids when ur young and they;ll look after u when u get old. Thats the last thing i want to be iz a burden. I think every NISH iz like that anyway. So i better lose weight n change my eaten habits ,no more eaten anything that tastes good. If it tastes good its prob un-healthy.


Blogger darcey said...

Get well soon

10:04 AM  
Blogger Pebbles said...

Hi Teddy! I hope your ok. I lost touch with you and im sorry about that. Life took a detour for a minute there. How are you? I hope your ok.

4:58 PM  
Blogger anishinaboy said...

It's sad...

Why cant oranges and apples taste like bacon?


2:06 PM  

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