Wednesday, November 10, 2004

call me a plumber- ok ur a plumber

Well my pipes still not fixed,called a home supply place 2 order parts i need,got machine so i left a message 2 call me back. if i did'nt have bad luck i would'nt have any at all. it was an old number , they hav new num. used old phone book,dirty rotten luck. i should have every thing fixed by supper time. im a jack of all trades master of non, as they say i know a little about lots of things. we got snow damn it ,3 or 4'' n callin 4 rain once it melts that might b it till mid december. still got a big pile of gravel on my driveway, must soon get that spread. 1,000 lbs. of fish comin in tomorrow ,n ill b playin with pipes.. i can't go back 2 work till dec, anyway. went on cherokeeshe and chat friends, it was a wild one tonight, no subject taboo, all in good fun though. when a bunch of bro's get together in a bar ,the non-natives would sit back n wait 4 the fight. natives only peeps i know that can call down n make fun of ur mom,dad,sister,brother ,ur whole family n especialy u, and laugh about it. but when they scrap they really scrap,when there done they clean up n start drinkin again. aaaah the good old days. i miss my times in toronto, all the friends i left behind, all the ex's i left behind. back then i was a man slut at least thats what my buds called me , i did'nt know they meant it. lol well it's after 2am better head 4 bed. ....... later peeps.


Blogger Pebbles said...

My bathroom was renovated last year. The plumbers messed up and flooded the whole room. They tried to get into the basement to shut off the water but it was locked. I think they had to cut the lock maybe. What a mess. Now my new bathroom floor is a science project. It has mold growing under the new tile and its coming through so you can now see it. I hope you get yours fixed!

6:37 PM  

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