Thursday, November 11, 2004

maybe tomorrow

Hired my cuz 2 take me 2 town 2 get my plumbing parts. no plumber till fri. i know i can do it cheaper so off 2 town i went. theres more that needed 2 b done. no shut offs 2 bathroom have 2 install ,so i got no water,no toilet, no shower. 2 days no shower my dogs can't stand me lol. but thats what brothers r 4 eh. got every thing home ripped out old shower assembly,and remembered i had a board meeting tonight. it continues in the mornin . got meeting with guys from montreal maybe ,buy lots of fish from us. get back 2 work steady i hope cross my eyes,fingers n what ever else might help. get things fixed by tomorrow afternoon i hope. while i got things ripped out i will b checkin 4 mold. almost forgot my dog outside,only got 3 legs ,so he's house dog. other dogs pick on him because of. dogs r very smart they know when ones gettin more attention. once it gets frezzing n stormin they b housedogs 2. even my house huskey. b tryin 2 take over my bed . b no place 2 sit. ever see 3 big dogs on a recliner sparky 2 ,snoopy, n bugs , i'll b in there somewhere. can't fur get my 2 cats mittens n neusance,my daughter named mittens not a name a mans man would well i better go 2 bed,another meetin at 8:00am................catch yall tomorrow, check out that mold pebbles, gn..........later


Blogger Pebbles said...

I hear you on the no place to sit. I have 4 cats and they sit on every chair in the living room including the small 2 person couch. At dinner time i take one cat off of a chair and put her on my bed and my parents sit on the floor lol. At night i have one cat by my head, one at the end of my bed and another on my desk chair. The 4th sleeps next to my mom.

I will be sure to have the mold checked out. Its gonna get out of control soon. Thankfully i have a small bath mat to stand on for now.

Well i have to go. One of my cats is eating a plastic shopping bag! =/

1:20 AM  
Blogger Pebbles said...

I just remembered! My grandfather had a cat named Bugs! I knew that cat my whole life. Not until a few years ago did i find out she was a girl. I thought my whole like she was a boy because of the name lol! Her real name was Inky because she was black. My grandfather loved black cats. When he died his second black cat named Midnight died from a broken heart because he missed my grandfather so much.

1:24 AM  
Blogger fullflavor said...

Hello T d Bear,

Buzzed Technorati and search the word "mikmaq". Your Blog was one of three URLs that mentioned it. When you went on Mikmaq Chat.

1 March 2005, must be cold about this time of year up your way. I think we must be about the same age as you mentioned grandkids. So far, only five male grandkids here in Florida.

But I hail from where mikmaq chat originates from.

Still new to this blog thing so I'll copy your URL and maybe try to link to you.

The name Fullflavor is from a pack of cigarettes. Needed a quick user name when I started this blog.

Hows the ice fishing?

7:57 PM  
Blogger fullflavor said...

Thanks for the link to Aboriginal Peoples Television mini directory of Abologs.

I emailed them with info of my Insurance Blog, to be included in the directory.

I am licensed to sell Life, health and Variable Annutities in Florida. But before I develop a business blog, I felt it would be better to learn by doing a personal blog. Names of blogs are on a first come first serve basis, so I nabbed this name LIFE INSURANCE so that no one else can get it.

Don't know much about fishing even though my father came from Newfoundland. They mostly hunted and trapped game which they traded for fish with the coastal people, way back in his time.

Here is a link to a photo site. Could not find their Band Office URL.

talk to you later.

8:18 PM  

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