Monday, December 06, 2004


No Hockey no Nascar on weekends. Now i got no excuse not 2 do all the odd jobs i been puttin off since 1991. The year things changed for the better on our rez,when my kids asked me 2 come home n look after them. The best decision i ever made,never know where ul end up if u got no real direction in life. An early dirt nap mayb,i was 2 young 4 a nap. lol. I was happy just livin day 2 day . Odd jobs n cash 4 life {welfare}is no way 2 get ahead. Since our co-op is no more ,im already countin my chickens b4 they hatch. I makin plans on how 2 best operate my ''Net Manufacture , Repair And Salvage Business''. I think i will cut my 3 stage plan down 2, 2 stages. Im thinkin possitive that i will get my grant. HEY ,IM OFF ON ANOTHER TANGENT, OPPS , if it was'nt 4 tangents i would'nt have a thing 2 say 4 Da Weekend. I think ill clean out the 2 empty bedrooms full of junk {heirlooms} rearrange the ''stuff'' n make a storage room n make 1 a bedroom agin. If i start now i should b done by Monday. I remember when i cleaned my bedroom a couple hours turned into, well never mind. Now i have place 4 grand kids when they spend the night.

Sun- Tanya n grand kids came by,came from church bazzar ,bought a cherry pie mmmmmmmmm, n brought me a Care pkg. of home made soup mmmmmmmmmm agin. Don't need 2 cook 4 at least 2 days. It's nice 2 have kids n grand kids, i miss the other grand kids but the sisters are still not talkin. But they'll get over it eventually n im stayin right out of it. I hate bein in a pridicament where ur expected to take sides . Already got shit from there mom ,i did'nt even get involved in it, accordin 2 her just cause i adopted sheila i took sides. Im a better person than that, give me some credit, ''BEYOTCH'' . Ill borrow a word i saw in one of ur posts there Pebbles, just seems like the right place 2 use. lol. She wrote me a 6 r 7 page bitch letter which i filed it under g 4 garbaauge, there was no need 2 read past start of first page.
I still have 2 take stuff off livin room walls to get ready 4 paintin. Tuesday 4 sure,i have to start livin room. But i already started clearin bedrooms. i better get at it agin,b4 i get lazy. Between surfin a bit workin a bit n stoppin 4 coffee, time is flyin n im accomplishin quit a bit. Im gonna be able 2 finish this by Monday. I have 2 patch some drywall b4 i can paint so another job thats gonna take longer than planned, buts that ok i have lotsa time. Gotta go i feel another tangent comin.............later ppl


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