Saturday, December 04, 2004

Friday Already Where'd The Week Go-Part Deux

My chum showed up as u know n we visit n bullshit n talk like guys do. I decide 2 go out 2 town with him n go c his palatial home. For my next visit i m gonna borrow a handheld GPS so i don't get . Lost count how many rooms n how many floors we checked out, 3 i think n not even got 2 attic. Big ole home built in late 1800's or so. My pal sayin u want this ,can u use this,im like a kid in a candy store. I figure if i cant use i got a daughter that can she got big house 2,although not this big.. Next week i gonna help him move some stuff n same time haul some stuff home here. He sellin n movin on down 2 a smaller home. So when house sells i may be the recipient of some more worldly possesions. It is better 2 receive than give i always say somtimes ,im just kiddin i like givin if im able. Been puttin off paintin 4 a month n a half , guess i gotta now b4 i get my loot home. My daughter is gonna help me paint on monday n mayb my new son inlaw will help 2. El Cheapo here i bought my paint at The Re-store, run by Habitat For Humanity.......a beige like 4 ceiling n red 4 walls. I hope it dont dry bright red or i b real horny or on the verge of violence all the time. ha,ha,ha. Time check 2 out chat n e-mail/spam.........later ppl


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