Friday, December 03, 2004

Friday Already Where'd The Week Go

Did i mention that i got rid of my piles, a painfull affliction, but i mean gravel piles. There an early attempt at funny ,how was it ......thought so ,2 early. My friend called at 7am. What friend calls that early, not even showered or dressed yet. The perks of unemployment sit around in boxers or briefs _ _ _ _ _ _ your guess. ar,ar,ar,. We had snow agin last nite,so he gonna drive the misses in to work,she work at our daycare. And he like old maytag repairman, he's been over the hill 4 so long he can't remember goin over the hump. But he keeps our major appliances on the rez n surrounding area in top running condition,{have 2 say that cause i said he over the hill}. They live in town of Wiarton pop. 2000 been same pop. since i can remember,never up ,never down. I think they bump off ppl or kick them out of town when pop. reaches 2001 or higher. They also recruit or hyjack ppl when pop drops from to many deaths. What was the name of that movie. Anyway thats what i think,crap he's here already. Bathless groggin today i guess.I hear u knockin but u cant come in hm,hm,hm,hm,.............later.


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