Saturday, April 30, 2005


Damn see what the hell i mean. By not attending Council n Public meetings they can get some things past ya. A friend stopped by this eve and showed me a petition he was taken around. It seems they made new rules concerning default on your mortgage. Till i find out for sure seems like they can take your house and your land for defaulting. I heard 3 missed conseccutive payments at first now he said 3 missed payments. And it goe's to gov. minister to become law or whatever ya call it in a coupla months. I owe 700.00 bucks in arrears but not from lack of wantin to pay ,it;s lack of work n money. Welfare makes monthly payments but the times i did get work n got off the dole. I had to catch up on bills. Out of 520.00/mth. my portion is 195.00/206.00 big raise. That 195.00 covers food ,personal items,cleanin supplies n whatever else does'nt fall under household bills hydro,housing,heat. Im not meanin to sound like im bitchin ,just imagine how bad a shape i'd be in if it was'nt for that little bit of help from welfare. Back to my first rant,it seems the policy was written by one person one way the first time and same person the second time. Now i know this guy and he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.''My opinion'' The first one [policy]was bad after the changes it's worse. Then the words eviction n loss of house n property rears it's ugly head. I myself owe less than 2,000 so i wonder if they'll try n take my house for the 700.00 arrears. I hope not cause some1 gonna get hurt. Gonna have to find those two drafts of policy they sent out n read more carfully. At least i think i still have,or got. Im at fault for not readin more careful ,but the timeing of this pettition makes me think no1 read it to carefully till just now. Mayb thats what chief n council was bankin on cause no1 usually attends meetings. At least thats what im thinkin along with many others now. He should try n get an online pettition going,there are a few hundreds of ppl who live off reserve. Don't matter thay don't live here still concerns them. Thats what i'll do in mornin talk to some1 more comp wise to set up on line pettition. Thanx 4 e-mail...the tool to overthrow Rez goverments. [as he holds fist in air like Wounded Knee style]...later..i fill ya in on how i make out tomorrow..


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