Monday, May 09, 2005

''START OF A NEW WEEK''what will this week bring.

I had planned to burn some stumps but the best laid plans. Got a public works meetin comin up this Wed. I got some more readin to do. Im still worried about my water,told my brother to boil his water. I hope im worried 4 nothin. I'll feel alot better after we get the new filter media in,think thats what they called it. Since the coagulant was pluggin up the system. But why would the engineers ok it if it was goin to do that. I also heard our discharge pipe was only a few feet from the in take. I think,.. if thats the case are we just recylin discharge. But it was a white company design mayb thats why we don't deal with them no more. After they ripped us off for who knows how much. Out of the millions i figure we got to pay for design and construction of our plant n water line system we never saw all the invoices. They dealt with Dept. of Indian affairs so how much did they make off of us in extra charges . How do we know we got the best system we could get 4 the money. Mayb they design a cheaper one so as to have more money to profitt. And we been havin probs with the system since it was finished. I'll prob have more to rant about after i come from band office tomorrow. Another thing that burns my ass other than gettin robbed blind. The billions that is budgited for the welfare of native bands in this great country,yah right ,''i got swamp land to''. Ya read in paper about ppl bitchin about all the money we get,well i for 1 would like to have some. I could use some. What ever the budget is bet 1/4 or 1/3 goes to administration. A white mans term for lets rob them legally. Since we make all the rules to meet our needs for stealin what little we gave them. I often wonder, what if Russia or China were to come here n herded all those white ppl onto little plots of land. Land they deemed not worth takin. Wonder if there tune would change about what happened to our people. I know thats not a very good comparison but what the hell. Wish that time of ''BIG CHANGE'' my elders talked about would hurry up n get here. My aunt she must b in 80's here uncle ,grampa or some elder told her when she was little girl. Things will get real bad b4 they get better. Our ppl will get lost,forget the old ways 4 many years and eventully find there way back. He also said our ppl would not look indian after awhile. And the wild life and land and water would be in ruins. But the indian people would re-turn and things would be as they should. I only have two elder aunts left ,i should go visit the one that was told this. She is in our seniors apartment complex now. A buddy of mine is gonna take me for a tour. So i may have alot more to rant about. Well ,i guess i try n fini watchin last week-ends race,still this past Sat. race. Oh so much to do and so little time.......later


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