Wednesday, May 11, 2005

''HUMP-DAY- - -PERDIUM-DAY''that little perdium gonna keep my dogs fed.

If ya got dogs and cats ya gotta make sure they eat. B4 they start lookin at u lickin their lips. Ya prob look like a roast hauch of venison. Speakin of that what i tell Sparky i feel his hind leg and tell him a big drum stick. Just foolin i love my furry dependants. But the birds can fend for themselves till i can afford some seed. It's summer but i still feed them they have grown to expect it. Prob why i get same birds back every year n their kids. For now my brother can take up the slack of feedin birds n squarrels. After all these years i finally talked him into buyin seed. He just gets a kick out of watchin the birds n squarrels eatin. The little red squarrels are tough he took on the white tail black squarrel and he's a big boy. But he chased him off,but now they eat together. The crows are comin around this year to eat right by the house . Which is strange,mayb they know when its safe. I can go out and the blue jays don't take off now. When i go see my brother the squarrels know me so don't run. He has apair or two of rabbits that come around. i was sittin there and i see rabbit comin up onto the deck. The other more skiddish stays away. They been comin around for years. Ita real nature scene between our two houses somtimes. Soon as i get some 35mm film i'll have good pics to post. Now to the meetin ,i said my piece about bein worried about my water. I got some answers,raised my voice a few times but damn i got grand children n children that drink our water. But i will still tell my kids boil the water . Once we get that new filters system in and plant runnin the way it should. Mayb i won't get water that reeks of chlorine anymore.So by Aug. or Sept. i should be able to drink our water. All deficiencies are bein looked after a slow but sure process. And the leaks are bein found our pumps should not be runnin steady or damn near steady. Just wonder how much we payed on hydro cause pumps run more than they should. Wish i could win a lottery i'd get our REZ out of the bind it's in. I'd pay off the debt that Seniors Home put us in. It's gonna cost us money other than regular up-keep. The shoddy workmanship their still findin things not hooked up n not finished. This seems to happen anytime a REZ gets some new big construction done. They gotta think about suin somebody or everybody involved in the construction of this buildin. The money it gonna cost eventually,my grand children will be payin for this debt. What a legacy to leave our children and grand children. All because we never learned to keep an eye on the white man as close as he tries to watch us. Every little mistake made by us i seen by some1. So when the next guys come to fix our water ,climb on their Well i feel more at ease sort of after this meetin. I'll better after job is done. Even better after i find a job,but no one wants to hire a 50 year old.sob,sputter,snort. But life go's on,and i'll try agin for grant for my business. I just reread my letter and it said. Unfortunatly,the committee was unable to approve all applications-that to me say's that my application was ok,just they only give out so many. Maybe this year is my year. Think positive this is my year to shine. Time to fini watchin race.....later my friends.


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