Thursday, May 12, 2005

''Don Burnstick on Native Women''...I like this guy and Charlie Hill ,what a hoot.

Don Burnstick on Native Women...

1. Native women think the best way to start a physical fight is to
begin by saying, "I hear you been talking 'bout me".

2. Native women think the best way to avoid a verbal/physical
confrontation is by replying, "Not even!".

3. Native women think, hickeys are to Native women what an engagement
ring is to white women.

4. Native women think that squinting their eyes during Bingo makes
them look sexy.

5. Native women think that sticking out their tongue in a conversation
with a Native male and saying, "Ahhh...not even!", makes them look
even sexier.

6. Native women think there's more to luv for a Native man...when they
begin to gain those extra lbs.

7. Native women think, babies are to Native women what marriage is to
white women.

8. Native women think each baby they conceive should have a different father.

9. Native women think being erotic is to tickle your man with a
feather, being kinky is when a Native women attempts to use the whole

10. Native women think that imitating an Inuit throat singer while
making luv to their man makes them irresitible in the bedroom.

11. Native women think that a women with a flat ass is attractive to Native men.

12. Native women think that dyeing their hair blonde is cool.

13. Native women (with dyed hair) think that they must get angry when
Native men tell blond jokes.

14. Native women think a condom is a Native man who did a weekend in
jail for getting caught doing a B&E while intoxicated.

15. Native women think pointing with their lips towards the bedroom
means saying yes to a Native man.

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