Sunday, May 08, 2005

''DECIDED TO TAKE G- KIDS TO CHURCH''would'nt ya know it no church.

Had it all planned ,take kids to church. What do they do have a retreat in Five Oaks. Near Brandford Rez [mohawk] i think. A gathering of ppl from diff Rez's . I've never been but ppl from here been goin for years. Even phoned the bus driver ,so were commited now he gonna look 4 us next sunday. Thought i get my daughter to go ,figured they have a Mothers Day thang. But........never plan always spur of the moment n have somthin to fall back on. The kid's played with fire ,i still have a few stumps need to be burnt outta the ground. Dry cedar so will burn easy n down into the roots should be smokin 4 days after mainpart of stump gone. Made a huge pot of chili .no left overs.Good. Tried my hand at Fish Chowder,turned out not to bad for bein first time . Did'nt have a clue what went in it. Good thing i got internet,found simple recipie. Did'nt have all it called 4 . I used White fish,Pickerel ,Perch,onion,potato did'nt have bacon or salt pork or carrot. Damn good anyway fed me my brother n my daughter and no one went to hospital. Never even checked out chat 2day ,they all be celebratin Mother's day. I posted somthin for all the mother;s single fathers n away fathers. Not all are dead beats on purpose. Hell of a term to use,what do they call the women,oh i forgot they never do anything wrong in the courts eyes. Only thing wrong with the legal system favor women more. Don't matter if they strayed in the marriage. But thats a topic for another time. Well i better watch last weeks Nascar race. I still gotta pick up this weekends race from my brother. This week-ends a Sat. night race......later


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