Tuesday, May 10, 2005


The wind is blowin off the bay so no fire till she shifts. Be lotta time this week-end,g-kids comin to visit . Gonna put them to wprk. Well tried to beat Bob to the landfill. My neph said there was a tower n rotor there on Monday. By the time we got there this morn the back-hoe already pushed all the scrap into a pile. And some1 set a fire which is a no no now cause of noxious fumes. Right where the tower was. Besides Bob prob beat me anyway ya gotta get there right behind the garbage truck for the good stuff. Oh well i had to get to band office anyway to copy some stuff for our meetin tomorrow. And to pick up a history of owner ship for our property. It became our dad's property in 1935 my brothers in 1972 and ours in 1976. Have to get history on back lot ,i should. My dad had offered it to me first cause i got married in 74. Wanted to give me all the land [two lots] but i only took what was to be 3 acres when measured out. I did'nt want to end up puttin all 25-50 acres of land up as collateral for mortgage. I'll hav'ta check for sure i think the land is in my brothers,mine and my sons name. So if anything ever happens it stays in the family. We wrote a letter statin that and witnessed by friends. I better check cause the guy that worked for lands b4 the guy now forgot to file some paperwork for other ppl. Or never got done cause he left the job or somthin. Im tryin to find my family tree,i thought this was a good start if my grandpa owned the land first. But it was'nt it was my uncle lloyds dad. I built my house in same place he had his log house. Then my dad lived there,then he built a house where my brother built. I barely remember playin in that log house. Mayb go see membership clerk mayb she can help me my cuz. The band list might be of help. Time for news.........later.

Smoke Signals

A guy travelling through the prairies of the USA stopped at a small town an went to a bar. He stood at the end of the bar, ordered up a drink and lit a cigar. As he sipped his drink he blew nine or ten smoke rings in the air. Lakota guy stomped up to him and said "one more remark like that and I'll smash your face in".


For Da Ojib

This Ojib guy was walking along in the jungle one day when he accidently fell into some quick sand. Slowly and surely he began to sink. Scrambling to get out, he began to sink deeper and deeper. Panicking, he began to holler for help. HELP ME, SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME, I'M SINKING! In the meantime nearby, Tarzan was swinging from the vines and heard the Ojib guy's cry for help. Just then out of the blue, Tarzan reached down scooped up the Ojib guy, saving him from the sinking quick sand. Tarzan turned and looked at him and said "Me Tarzan", Ojib guys says, "MEgwetch"!


Crazy Woodpecker

Ok so. One day all the trees in the forest were talking to one another about this little twig that began to grown between two trees. One was a birch tree and the other one was a beech tree. The trees could not figure out just what kind of tree the little sprout was. Just then a woodpecker showed up peckin away at some of trees and he'd fly up to the tops and around and the trees finally asked the woodpecker to fly down low to the ground and check out the new little tree that is growing. Woodpecker flew down the ground humming around the little twig that was sprouting checkin it out. Finally he flew back up to the tops and the trees asked him Well? Well? What kind of tree is it? Woodpecker replied "tiz not the son of a beech......nor is he the son of a birch, but that was the best piece of white ash I ever sunk my pecker in".


2 Cowboys and an NDN

Two cowboyz came upon an NDN lying on his belly with his ear to the ground. One of the cowboys stops and says to the other "you see that NDN?' "yeah", says the other cowboy. "Look", says the first cowboy, "he's listening to the ground, he can hear things for miles in any direction". Just then the NDN looks up, "covered wagon about 2 miles away, two horses, one brown and one white. Man, woman and child and household goods in the wagon."
"Thats incredible," says the cowboy to his friend. This NDN knows how far away they are , how many of them, and whats in the wagon. Amazing!" NDN looks up and says.."Dey ran over me about a half hour ago".........



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