Saturday, May 07, 2005


My poor old comp is been makin strange noises the past few weeks. Think it may be on its way out to the computor Happy Huntin Ground. So i've been tryin to gather all my user-names n passwords just in case it dies all of a sudden. Why do ppl always say i'll do that later ,then ya scramble to get it done b4 it dies. From now on im gonna save all passwords n user-names someplace now. Yah,ok,want some swamp land. I've gotten 18 so far n there many more in there somewhere. Oh well i got the main 1's anyway i hope. Most sites i can re-apply or say i 4got user-name n password so im ok i think. Had a short visit with Dougie he was comin from Aunties n gave me a coupla pop. Very thoughful boy my grand-son.They only sell their pop for .50,make money on volumn. But in a year they get nuff to pay for holiday. Two years ago they drove down to Maine n took the Cat [fastest ferry] back to New Brunswick. I sent a stone with them n said to throw into the Atlantic Ocean. So there's a piece of my Rez in the ocean. Kerri stopped by with her new bike a C.C.M,i did'nt know they were still in business. Thats what my first bike was one speed the harder u pedal the faster ya went. Old fasioned braking system. Do you remember back-ward peddaling to brake. And she always wanted streamers on her handle bars now she got. I'll havta show her the clothes pin n playin card trick. She can make her own siren noises n get nozy ppl runnin to the road. Yes we use to do that,very inquisitive ppl those ''NISH''. They all got hair cuts so they look like nice clean cut kids. Dougie got a brand new mountain from his n the teams trainer.She really go's out of her way to help my grand-sons. She see's somthin in them between cross country skiing n mountain bike competitions. Their all signed up base-ball this year. I think Dougie is gonna play for Wiarton this year the one's that cheated our boys last few years. But it will be a good experience for him . Good to make white friends when young that way they can see the real picture. We are not as bad as their parents make them think....Well time 4 news n a movie.


Blogger Red Mum said...

You should, where possible, use the same name and passwords, it so much easier... I have a couple of net personas and nearly always use the same password and name or names I will remember, vitally important... (though it doesnt help with what you have to do now, maybe in the future)

9:18 AM  

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