Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Since my trip north was ky-boshed may as well check out council meeting. It was a very informative meeting. I've heard all along that there were dificiencies in our seniors complex . But i never thought it would endanger our elders n handi-capped. We had a heating n plumbing contractor come n look over the heating n plumbing. He found serious problems that could cause serious health problems and worse. So they took pictures yesterday and documented everything they could find. And today they called the engineering firm that works fir us. So we can get his expert opinion on the problems. So we had him on speaker phone and told him about methane leakin into building among other problems. And he says are they comfortable geeze it's methane a smelley and explosive gas. This was noon so we ask how soon can u get some1 here they said they'ed call some1. They said they would hav e some1 there at 2 pm. He did'nt sound like he thought it was an emergency ,wonder if it was his family he would think different. More tomorrow after the inspection today. Special meetin 9 am tomorrow.


Blogger darcey said...

Glad to see your up and at em!

9:25 PM  

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