Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Well, had my public works meeting ......"NOT". Kinda hard when there is only councillor liason and 1 member,me. Some times i wonder why ppl bother to join a comittee. I think it's just being elected as Chief or Councillor,your either commited or your not. Well i stayed for the mornin info session/council meeting they had with our lawyers concernin whats to take place at the Public meetin with Justice Linden tomorrow. I plan on attending both days,i hope there's a big turn out. I think ppl need to hear what really happened during our ''Fish Wars'' what is said will come right from the horses mouth so to speak. PLus what happened b4 and after. It will be a very emotional and eye opening experience for all that attend. Hope what is gathered helps with the outcome of the inquiry far as tryin to prevent this from happenin agin. But racism is ingrained into the non-natives mind wether they know it or not. Its been goin on since my dad's time and prob my grand fathers to probably. But i dont remember my dad or his friends talkin about it while imbibing on a few wobbly pops. I think they mostly talked about good times cause they were always laughing. Unless they were talkin about the war. But i started gettin into hotels at 16 so my first experience with drinking in the pub was with my elders. In the the next 2 years till they lowered the age of majority to 18 and i would drink with my age group. I learned and heard a lot from them,i miss those days. Kinda went off on another tangent here but thats ok. I have no format i adhear to ,just what ever pops into my head at any given time. Well thats it for now more after the meeting.......later.


Blogger Spook said...

I would do the same thing, but I try not to ramble, as you probably can tell :D

1:15 PM  

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