Tuesday, September 06, 2005


AFTER A CERTAIN AGE,I GUESS DAYS ARE JUST THAT DAYS. Don't even register wether its long weekend or not. Does that mean im gettin old and it dont matter anymore. No,its just time dont worry me as much. Gotta go with the flow even if its slow n easy. After my heart attack thats the only way to go now. At least for a bit till i recuperate. The meetin today was just a regular meetin nothin new on the repairs at the seniors complex. Be a few weeks till we get full picture of all the deficencies. Got a Fisheries meetin tomorrow. And my first Public Works meeting in the after noon. My housing meeting on the 13 th i think. Thursday and Friday is a public meeting with the Honourable Justice Sidney B. Linden from The Ipperwash Inquiry into the shooting of Dudley George from an OPP police officer. They wanna come n listen to our horror stories about our Fish Wars and when some of our boys got ganged up on and stabbed in Owen Sound. In full view of the Owen Sound Police service. One of our fish tugs was sunk in 1995 during the fish wars , after it was raised it was burned to the water line the weeks following. And another guys boat was sunk twice on separate occasions. Which forced him out of the tug fishing bussiness. But we grew up with prejudice all our lives and fights between Indian and White was a common thing. Since we got the new fishing agreement signed the Ontario Federation of Hunters and Anglers are in a snit about it. And the red neck MPP will be bitchin too. Hes the one who led a group of 75 men to a booth one of our native women and her little girl had at the Owen Sound Farmers Market. A politition can be openly prejudiced like that and nothin is done. When the court system,crown attorneys and the police ,city or provincial are the same not much u can do. Find out Friday the last days of this public forum and i'll be able to tell if it sounds like it might make a difference. But even then prob be next year or so b4 it goes to court or what ever the procedure is. Well i guess thats it till Friday ,i'll post more then when i know more.


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your boat captain tug blog is great thanks

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