Thursday, September 01, 2005

''The Inspection...the next day.''

Well ,had another council meeting and the councillors who made the tour with the engineer gave a re-port . They found more wrong than what was seen the first time. The probs were more dangerous than what was thought. The main probs are being worked on as we speak. But their gonna use an machine that see's inside walls n cemant to see the plumbing for radiant heat. They seem to think the pipes ,some anyway are not connected. Thats why our elders are either freezin or cookin from the heat. That really pissin me off when white contractors come n work on an a Rez and use short cuts or 2nd rate materials n equipment. Even the company that did the boilers for heat n hot water put in 2 different size boilers. Prob got charged for 2 same size boilers,if there not the same that's dangerous or even explosive. One boiler would outpower the other and it would have to work harder to compensate. That seems like an ezplosive situation to me,but im not an engineer. Its gonna take 6-8 weeks to totally inspect the seniors complex to find all the faults. Some1 ones gonna have to come good for the shoddy workmanship. Their were so many diff contractors the blame game will start ,but we have the blueprints that says exactly what was supposed to go into building. A building we built for our elders n disabled ,could very well been the death of them. Some1 has to pay and its us right now thoses engineers are not cheap. But i hope we can recover the cost from whoever. Cant really say to much just now because the inspection is not finished. But if it become public then i will name companies so other Rez's will know. Have to wait till public cause they might sue me if i dont Oh well at least somthin is bein done,we may have to set them up in hotels ,motels. Some elders are gettin worried over this after bein told. This might make them sick ,i have family in there which makes it worse. Well catch ya later.


Anonymous Friends of Nahneebahweequay said...

Wow! luv your blog . You have a great sense of humor. You will keep me informed about what is happenning .
About the trouble with the building built for the Elders, The same thing happened in 1850's when immigrants came to this area and built cheap housing for our ancestors near Owen Sound.Those houses had to be torn down they had so many problems. Our Elders don't need to be worring about getting sick . I had radiant floor heating in the last house we sold and it very comfy except when you turn it off in summer the floor would sweat. I was always worried about mold and such.our radiant floor heating ran off our hot water heater
Keep up the good work and I will visit often

8:56 AM  

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