Thursday, September 08, 2005


I read a draft of Under Seige,its described as -How the People of Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nation Asserted Their Rights and Claims and Dealt with the Backlash.........A Guide for the Ipperwash Inquiry during their visit to Neyaashiinigamiing. What i read was not for circulation but mayb in future after the info gathered is added. I dont know. Mayb if our true history and how we got conned out of our land was taught in school then mayb racism would end. I hate for my grand children and my family and friend's grand children havin to go thru what we did. Only once in high school did i ever hear a teacher tell the class i was the only true canadian in the room,talk about a centre shot. And how we got beat for our land. Can't remember his name but he was one of the teachers i liked. Hmmmmmm RoseMary Black my english teacher comes to mind she had a few natives in her class with perfect attendance. But a few teachers were a bit of Indian haters ,i had a fight with one,i wont mention his name but he was a mechanical Drafting teacher. My daughter had him in high school and he told her he remembers me well. Im glad i left an impression. The meeting was not as well attended as i had hoped,but thats par for the course now they'll sit back and bitch that they were not informed about what went on there, Well,was that ever a real eye opener,and they had so many hand outs ,i'll be readin for a week. Some are racist jokes sent by e-mail between govt. offices and police and every1 one in between. The draft Under Seige is about 128 pages and has a lot of info so if they ever put it up on web site ,i'll put a link to. And if i can get some1 to scan and send me those racist jokes that was circulated inter govt.,OFAH and police,etc,i'll post later. I figure there public domain now so i shouldnt get in trouble. Lots of ppl musta got a slap on the wrist and a scolding. They fall under a separate set of rules,you see. Well the meeting started off with an opening song and drumming and also had one of our girls dancing. And they had a big square circle of tables and chairs set up for the people who chose to sit with Justice Lindon and the people who were goin to speak. And of course speeches and introductions,the Justice Mr. Lindon had 3 native women lawyers with him to help or were his team i should say. One was Sushwap from B.C. and the other was from Oneida just south of us and the other i 4got.....dang. They were really easy to talk with and really seemed to listen to everything that was said. They took notes and pictures to be put on the web site after gettin permission of course. We had our previous land claims lawyer/researcher in attendance she was really helpful in giving information ,she was in volved in everything that ever happened here good and bad. She was a presenter at the main Ipperwash Inquiry as she knows the history of native peoples in this part of the country. Since we are all inter-related in one form or another. Even though we had our differences in past history. Battles and what not. I cant go into to much into detail what was said by certain people but it was hard to listen to at times. It was very personal to the people that spoke but i think it helped some move on. I know that feeling of holding somthing in for so long. Im still waitin to let go but im not ready yet. All in all this was a good day and cant wait till tomorrow. The food was somthing else every1 gained weight this day,they had coffee n treats first thing and snack at 10 am a big meal at lunch and a snack agin at 2 and a huge supper . I guess the meeting ended about 9:30-10:00 pm. Well more tomorrow after meeting.


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