Thursday, May 05, 2005

''NUDDER WEEK ALMOST DONE.''time really flyin,damn.

Why it feelin like years are justa flyin by. Figure i got mayb 20 years in which to make my mark. Well i better get my info together n start my new application for CORDA. Hopefully i'll have friends in power by then. Election in July n all,that may make a difference. Went on chat off n on thru the day,kinda missed the old gang. And the new room im in ,i c ppl from other rooms ,although not the Miq Mak rooms. Well a shorty 2night,not much went on 2day...........later..........ppl.


...For their ability to play rez ball, take care of 20 kids, and manage to make sandwiches at the same time when at a basketball tournament.

...For any reason to say "Aye!" at the end of a joke.

...For their ability to cram 20 people in one room at the Super 8 motel during a powwow.

...For their ability to make commodity food taste like a 4-star culinary feast.

...For their ability to expertly point with their lips at that fine grass dancer with the long braids.

...For their ability to make a rez car look good.

...For their ability to change a tire.

...For their ability to work wonders with bailing wire and, of course, duct tape!

...For their ability to keep sweat pants fashionable no matter what the occasion.

...For their ability to make that all-tourney T-shirt and shorts into the one and only Indian "swimsuit."

...For their ability to stay out all Friday night at the Indian casino and still hit the Saturday yard sales.

...For their ability to make Black Lodge miss a beat with her long hair, shady brown eyes, and feather light dancing.

...For their ability to lead all the round dance songs at Gathering's 49.

...For their tendency to want to bead every clothing item of the entire family.

...For their ability to give one "look" at their man to shut him up.

...For her ability to go the store with those infamous pink rollers in her hair with not one hint of embarrassment.

...For their ability to somehow get her husband to ask for some of his money out of his own paycheck.

...And last but not least for their wonderful ability to sneak 10 extra drumsticks of chicken and biscuits into their Tupperware from the buffet in town to later feed the family.


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