Wednesday, May 04, 2005

''A HUMPIN WE WILL GO''well coon huntin anyways.

The bandits r back agin,n sendin my dogs into a frenzy. If i coulda found them as babies ,i coulda had a pet coon. Im sure eventually my cats would litter train him or her. They make good pets,if ya don't mind little paws in ur ears,nose,dig in ur hair 4 cooties. This all takes place after every1 in bed. There nakedturnail ya know up all night n sleep all day. They have to be watched though cause they start thinkin they're dogs. And got no prob gaurdin there turf. We had one as kids he swim with us in big East wind[big waves] we get tired a taken back to shore only to have him come out agin. Hurts like hell on sun burn when he wants to use u for a log. We called for dog she swim out n pick up coon,she swim passed him n he would climb on . He grew up with her pups so at night he would get shut up in dog house with them. Come mornin when he hears pet rooster crowin. He would get on back n slip his paws under door n push up after pups got out he would have to spin around n get out b4 door slammed down. H e always made it but not his tail. Talk about a big baby.But all things come to an end he left in fall time to hibernate,instinct i guess. But next year come spring he followed an elder home his name wa Majik aka sylvester. And rusty stayed with them that year ,went away n never came back. He had a very good life 4 two years. Mayb thats why i've had upwards of 10-12 cats n 2 dogs average. Ppl would drop there kittens off here at the fathers house. I had Manx-Siamese X beautiful cars all muscle,jump straight up 6-8ft. no prob. Ok thats nuff Marlin Perkins ya older peeps should remember him,had a nature show. Im happy with my 2 old cats n 3 dogs. Not much happened 2day. Other than that no gift whourse showed up. Mayb next week it good weather now for movin furniture,cept 4 the rain. Well gonna check out new chat room 2night. C ya later ppl.......


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